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Rainbow Crosswalk

8500 Andrew Carnegie Boulevard

The month of June was chosen for LGBT Pride Month to commemorate the Stonewall riots of June 1969. Allison managed this project, and created a series of renderings to help the client visualize their end product. Neal painted the rainbow crosswalk out at TIAA the weekend of May 18th and 19th. The crosswalk will remain as an installation the entire month of June! Stop by to see it if you are in the area!

OIC Chiller

101 North tryon Street

Our crew scraped, mechanical sanded and wire brushed the rusted and corroded areas after insulation was removed by others. They applied one coat of Sherwin Williams Corothane I Preprime and two coats of Sherwin Williams Corothane I HS Aliphatic Urethane.

Dock Curbing and Columns

401 South Tryon Street

Neal took care of freshening up some dock curbing and columns in the parking deck at Three WFC.

Hearst Tower

214 North Tryon Street

Sheila took care of some minor interior wall patching at a project for US Bank on the 35th Floor of the Hearst Tower. Our crews are seasoned in working in occupied spaces and always take measures to protect the floor and surrounding surfaces. After each day on site, our crews clean up after themselves to leave the space presentable and ready for the next workday.

Acrovyn Install

16455 Statesville Road

Sheila and Billy installed acrovyn sheets in exam rooms at LCI to help protect their walls from damage. She worked around existing fixtures and existing corner guards to help minimize the cost to the client. Below also shows how lighting can affect finishes - each of these pieces of acrovyn are all the same color 103 Beige, some look more white and others look more beige depending on the lighting in each room.

Man doors

1525 W WT harris Boulevard

Saul and crew freshened up cooling tower doors and conduit at the WFCIC Campus with two coats of paint. The new color looks much more vibrant than the original! Now to get them to approve painting the CMU walls to improve the look of the surrounding painted surfaces…

Fire Strobe Repair

11301 Carmel Commons Boulevard

The client updated their fire strobes on the first floor of the Piedmont building. The newly installed bases left a few damages behind. Sheila took care of patching and painting and patching and repairing the wallpaper for these strobes. Client provided the wallpaper required for the patches in the men’s and women’s restrooms. If you need any wallcovering repairs, Sheila is your girl!

Roxborough BOllards

1901 Roxborough Road

Small items like these bollards often aren’t top priority on a property, however the finished product is beautiful being after being freshened up! Gonzalo and crew scraped loose paint, sanded, primed and applied two coats of finish paint.

Fitness trail bridge

11510 North Community House

Marco and crew scraped loose paint, spot primed exposed metal and applied two coats of finish paint.

Daimler Interior Wall

2477 Deerfield Drive

The scope for this project was to patch and paint the common area wall and two walls inside one office at Daimler Trucks. As always, Sheila did a great job with patching and painting to get the wall back to new!

Remove Vinyl Wallcovering

1525 W WT Harris Boulevard

Day 1: Remove base and remove the VWC from corner to corner. Sand, Gardz and skim the walls. Day 2: Sand wall with sanding machine and prime walls. Day 3: Apply two coats of finish paint to the wall and door frame. Paint the expansion joint into the wall color. Reinstall existing base. Clean up happens at the end of each night so business can operate as usual during the day! Great work Sheila!

Miscellaneous Items

10925 office park drive

It’s easy to let a property go with busy schedules and years of neglect. It’s also incredible what some elbow grease and a few coats of the right coating can do to freshen up a space, or an exterior! Below are a few items that got some love here at our office.

Epperson Law

10851 Providence Road

Patch drywall column damages under the access panel near restrooms and prepare for paint. Patch holes in one wall in one office. Paint column and office wall with one coat to match existing. Paint the access panel to match the wall.

industrial white-boxing

1900 Continental Boulevard

While we do not typically work for General Contractors, this project was an exception. Working for Doerre Construction, the scope was to prepare and paint the following items in a 140,000 SF area: ceiling (structural steel, decking, fire piping, duct work, conduit, etc), walls, man doors, overhead doors, guard rails, railings, and the steel structure at the old mezzanine area. The floor was buffed and refinished by others. The lighting was replaced to LED lighting by others. The changes all did wonders to help this space get ready for leasing!

Exterior Metals

9124 Pioneer Avenue

Exterior painting can be as detailed as these elements to make a cost-effective but grand overall improvement to your space. This project focused on freshening up the safety yellow and safety red components located within the bounds of the outdoor employee plaza. The two sets of man doors also received a fresh coat of paint. Metals in the loading dock were not included in the scope of work.

exterior metals

10300 Compass Street

This bus stop for CATS had experienced a fair amount of peeling and failing paint. The doors and frames were two-toned. A little love through sanding and two coats of fresh paint did wonders for improving the inner structure of this bus stop in Huntersville. Light blue structural metals and man doors were included in the scope of work.

Building Exteriors

9815 & 9825 Northcross Center Court

This project was focused on freshening the building to a revived color, changing the accent band color at the loading dock and adding in accent blocks below the windows along the front sides of the building. We painted pipes and electrical boxes into the body wall color but funds were running low for this project and metals didn’t make the cut. Perhaps next year the budget will include metals!